Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey all, ok Mom let me explain who J.R. is haha. He's the branch presidents son in La Castellana, and the branch mission leader there and he worked with me everyday basically, so yeah he's pretty much one of my best friends here haha. He's really good at English in conversing with him, but I don't know about in writing... Oliverio is his last name. Ha he told me he added me as a friend on facebook and I told him I wouldn't be able to accept his friend request for another 18 months. So I told him he could add my mom jokingly, but I guess he did! Ha he's a really good kid. Tell him hello for me. Anyway, so this week has been good. I just keep truckin along and teaching the gopsel. We have hopefully 3 people getting baptized on February 13! So that'll be great. Mmm it's been stormy pretty much all this week. The fishermen haven't really had much to do cause they can't fish if the ocean is all stormy and crazy. So they kinda just like hang around and mend their nets and what not. Finding is hard here cause all the men are gone during the day fishing, and then we can't work very late at night cause all the people go to bed early. Like 7:30 or 8. But it's all right. I haven't really done anything super exciting this week either, but it's been good. Well I can't think of really anything else to write to you about, and I gotta go, so thanks for everything, and I'll keep everyone in my prayers. Oh and please tell Grandma I'm sorry I can't respond to her email she sent me, I just don't have the time! OK well until next week then, Love Elder Andersen

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