Monday, January 10, 2011

>Hey Family, I don't have much to say this week, so I am just sending some pictures. The first is some of the dancer people I told you about, the next is us wearing their headresses, and then the next is us killing some chickens filipino style. They just slit the throat and let it bleed out. It's kinda gross but whatever. I'll send a couple more emails with pictures, cause I can only send like 3 at a time. So this week was good. Just doin work trying to save souls. We went to our investigators house who's husband died, and saw his body in the casket and then his wife showed us like all the pictures from his autopsy like where he got stabbed and stuff haha it was pretty neat. Kinda gruesome, but thats life. We had 2 successful baptisms this week, so thats always great! You all sound like you're doing pretty well. I don't have anything to say about Rachel. I would probably just end up offending the whole family. But whatever. OK Love you all!

THis is just more of killing chickens... Haha. They just slit the throats cause they use the blood, and then basically every other part of the chicken. I'm pretty sure I've eaten every part of a chicken you can eat. And believe me, there are more than you think are possible.

This first one is our baptisms this week. Sister May and Sister Jhirghen. The next one: Do you think my tractor is sexy? Next: This is what I found on my wall this morning. Sorry the picture isn't very good, but that is like a leech. And it's huge. Last one: I just thought this was funny. They put the most ridiculous things on packaging here. It's really entertaining to read english directions on stuff.

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