Monday, January 3, 2011

Well hey fam, it's me, your long lost son. Thinks are going well here. New Years was basically crazy here. On the 30th there was this dance festival competition thing in La Castellana called Bailes De Luces. It's Just these different groups that all dance to the same song, but they have a competition and have these fancy costumes covered in lights. I'll try to remember to send you some pictures next week, cause I forgot my camera today. So yeah that was fun to see. Definitely different. On new years, we just went to appointments in the morning and then ate a ton of food, and by 6 we had to be in our house, cause it's not exactly safe for us to be out after that. So we watched a bunch of cartoons and had a good time. Another companionship came and celebrated with us so there was four of us, not just 2 so that was good. But yeah here on new years they just light off tons of firecrackers, and like huge m80 ones and it's super loud and the streets are so filled with smoke you can't see. Plus everyone gets drunk. Whoopee. Sad story: One of our investigator's husband got killed on new years eve. He was a real loser, but it was still sad. So of course he was drunk, and he and these people got in a fight, then they stopped, he went home got a machete and then went and attacked them with it, so they killed him. They hit him with like a club and a bottle of rum and stabbed him a few times. Pretty brutal. I asked why they didn't just knock him out or something and then call the police. They told me they don't do that here. If you go in to someones territory and try to attack them or whatever, it's totally your right to kill them. I feel really bad for our investigator, I'm not sure whats gonna happen to her. I'm just glad I tried to call her husband to repentance before he got killed so his blood is not on my garments. So anyway thats basically whats happened this week, now the party is over it's back to work! Hope you are all doin well and that you had a happy new year! Love Elder Andersen

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