Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Family! Well I can't believe it's transfer announcements again next week! This transfer has gone by really fast. I'm not sure whether I'll get transferred or stay in La Castellana again, but I'll be happy either way. Although I would like to see some new stuff. This week definitely didn't feel like thanksgiving to me, but thats ok. Everyone is all excited about Christmas here, but it's hard for me to feel the Christmas spirit when it's 90 degrees or so with probably 98% humidity haha. Mainit gid! This week has been good though. We've just continued working hard, and always are trying to find the elect. And not just elect. We're trying to find people that are going to build the Church, because thats what the Church needs here. We're especially focusing on finding men, because while baptizing women is great and adds to the number of members, they are not going to build the Church. We need future priesthood leaders. So that is always going to be one of our main focuses. So the work is going well as usual. We have 2 more baptisms on December 11, and then 2 more scheduled for January 1st. And hopefully that number just continues to grow. If I get transferred, transfer day is December 10, so I will miss them all, but thats ok. Also if I get transferred I'll be spending my Christmas in a new area! So thats kind of exciting. You all sound like you are doing well, and are happy. Cold, but happy. I wouldn't mind a little bit of cold right now, maybe just 10 degrees cooler ha. So Rachel has found a new love huh? Well tell her she does not have permission to marry him until I get home and approve him myself. So I met an American this week! It was really weird speaking full out English, and not just the simple English I've been using for the past 4 months. He was a really nice guy, he's married to a Filipino lady, and she is originally from La Castellana. They are just staying till February. Apparently she used to work for the former Canadian prime minister or whatever who was a Filipino. Anyway we had a really good conversation about religion and our church and everything. Haha E. Ventigan was a little lost, so he got to see what it's like in my shoes! But yeah he was very appreciative of our church and all our standards and all the work we do and especially missionaries how they give up 2 years of their life to serve God and what not. He said he knew a few Mormons and they were all good people, and he said he is aware of how much the Church does for people. Also he said he even believed that God could have appeared to Joseph Smith! I invited him to listen to our message but he didn't want to. He is one of those people that doesn't believe we need religion to be saved.. A really good guy, just a little confused. I asked him if I gave him something if he would read it, and he said he'd read anything in English, sadly I didn't have an English Book of Mormon with me, so I gave him a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. And if I ever see him again I'll give him an English Book of Mormon. So anyway, that was my week! I'm attaching some pictures I took this week of some of the stuff I saw. I'll explain more about them in the next email. I have to send 2 for all the pictures to fit.

OK so I will explain about the pictures a little bit.. Sorry 2 of them are basically the same, I didn't mean to do that. Anyway the landscape ones are just of a little bit of what it looks like here in La Castellana. The one is with a karabaw pulling a cart of sugar cane. Thats basically mostly what they grow in this region. There are so many sugar cane fields. And the sugar cane is really tall. Anywhere from 10 to 14 feet high. And it tastes good too! The big volcano in the background is Mount Kanla-on. And it is huge! I'm not sure how big, but you can see it from miles away. Unless its rainy. Somedays it looks like it doesn't even exist. It's amazing. Very gorgeous here. The ones with the pig are just that. The Villanueva family made Lechon baboy to sell because brother Noel is in the meat business. So what they do is just kill a pig, empty out it's organs and stuff, stuff it with spices and whatever, put it on a big bamboo stick and roast it on a fire. And it is especially delicious! It was my "Thanksgiving Feast" haha. So yeah, that's just a little glimpse of what I get to see everyday. So thats all for me for this week, Thank you all for your prayers, emails, and everything. Love, Elder Andersen

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