Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello again, sorry I am writing a day late, yesterday we had to go to Bacolod so I could withdraw money cause the bank in La Carlota was broken. Talk about culture shock when going to Bacolod! That place is nuts! It's Huuuge and they have basically everything there. They have this mall/movie theater/grocery store called SM and it is a massive building with tons of stores. It's nicer than a lot of the malls in America. And at least as big. But it was cool cause I got a lot of stuff I wanted for cheaper there and what not. It was fun. So this week has been good, but hard at the same time cause we've just been trying to find people all week long. It wears you out pretty good, but it helps me with my language, trying to talk to people and stuff. Elder Ventigan is really good and he helps me learn new things about the language every companion study, and is just really good about helping me with it, for which I am very grateful. Time is going fast, everyone here is in a Christmas frenzy, but at the same time it doesn't feel like Christmas time when it's super warm and sunny outside and you are sweating and stuff ha. But thats ok. Things have been going good, Uncle Doug and Aunt Debbie and their family sent me a halloween letter yesterday, well technically they sent it like October 19, but I just got it yesterday, and it was really thoughtful of them. I'm attaching a picture of my new best friend I found this week: Yes, that is a dead dog. And yes, the people were going to eat it. They thought it was hilarious when I took a picture with it. It basically is though haha. I love the people here, they are amazing. I don't know if you can put this picture on my blog or whatever but if you can that would be cool. Doesn't it just look tasty? I actually do want to eat dog before I leave, and some other stuff too. I feel like my emails just get shorter and shorter every week because I don't know what to say.. The work is good, I'm good, and disease free! I'm learning to cook Filipino foods, and really be "Filipino". I'll let you know how that goes. So until next time- Love always, Elder Andersen

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