Monday, December 6, 2010

Well hello again! I guess my biggest news for this week is that I'm stayin in La Castellana for another 6 weeks! Ha so that'll be fun. I'm just going to really know my area well. And I'll have the same companion, Elder Ventigan again. Other than that things have been going well. We had a district specialized training meeting given to us by the A.P.'s and President Tobias this week, and it was really good. It really makes you realize what you need to do specifically in your individual areas and it's straight revelation from President. So this week we've just been trying to implement the things we learned there into our trainings. And I'm trying to talk more to people and teach more in the lessons so that I can prepare myself for when I am made senior companion in probably 1 or 2 more transfers. maybe 3. or 4. It just depends on President Tobias, and how ready I am. But I feel ready, except for the language. So that is going to be my main focus for this next transfer. I'm having a hard time trying to feel the Christmas spirit here haha, because it still feels like summer vacation. But I guess Christmas is pretty soon huh? I'm excited for the branch party. Mostly for the food haha, I love food! Anywho, everything is going well. The Branch President of La Castellana, President Oliverio, was chosen by the Church to represent the Philippines for the new Duty to God program. So this last week he had an interview. With Boyd K. Packer! They did it over webcam, and it was 2 a.m. for President Packer! President Oliverio said it was quite an experience getting interviewed by the President of the Quorum of the 12! And it made me realize how much they do for the Church. I mean how old is President Packer? Mid 80's? And here he is staying up through the night interviewing some Branch President from a small branch in the Philippines! All I can say is that is dedication. And it makes me want to try harder. Anywho, thats about it for me for the week. Ha don't worry about your packages not being here for Christmas it's really not a big deal! I'm just grateful to even get anything :) So thanks ya sa tanan for all you do and your prayers and everything! So until next time, Halong. Love, Elder Andersen

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