Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello again! It's November! Crazy! Doesn't feel like it here.. ha not quite the same on a tropical island.So this week has been good/long/hard but great nonetheless. I have a new companion! His name is Elder Ventigan, he's from somewhere in the Baguio mission. Not that that means anything to any of you.. anyway, he is pretty cool and fun, his english isn't quite as good as elder sanchez's but its ok I can understand his Illongish haha. Actually these first couple days he's been struggling a little speaking Illongo cause he just got transfered from a Cebuano speaking area, but he's good now. He speaks like 5 different languages it's amazing.But yeah the work is going to get harder for us this transfer because we "harvested" all our investigators the past couple transfers, so now we gotta find new people, and tracting just isn't as effective. Hopefully we can get the members to help us out with referrals and stuff, they are way more effective. So yes, they do have "halloween" here, but it's completely different than our halloweens. Here it's called all saints day, and basically they just make a ton of amazing traditional Filipino foods, and then in the evening go to the cemetery and light candles and stuff on their dead relatives graves. Apparently it's a big deal though. I'm just excited for the food haha. So Mom, I still would like those recipies, and some pictures of everyone in the family, and maybe one of the rexburg temple, and our house and surrounding areas and stuff, if thats at all possible. Just so I can show people what it's like where I live. The Villanueva family I'm always telling you about is particularly interested haha, they have all our families' names memorized! And they've never even seen pictures cause I don't have pictures of everyone. Anyway things have been going good. The Illongo is coming along slowly but surely. I can't wait for the day I can speak it fluently! Hopefully that day comes.. So do you guys have snow already? I'm gonna miss having a white Christmas. Welllllll I can't really think of anything cool to write about now, so till next week! Love, Elder Andersen

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