Monday, November 15, 2010

Well hello fans! This week has been..... long to say the least haha. Basically we've just been trying to find people tp teach and walking and walking and talking LOTS. We haven't really found too many people though yet. Well, I mean we have, but they don't want to investigate the gospel haha. But I am confident that our efforts will yield success. Even if we don't see it immediately. I didn't see any more dead dogs this week though so no pictures.. sorry. I don't know things are starting to get to the point where everything that is so crazy in America is so normal to me here now, that I don't even think to take pictures of it haha. But oh well. Our church attendance this sunday was about 20 less than normal. Why you might ask? Well because Manny Pacquiao had a fight yesterday of course! Haha and he won in 12 rounds by unanimous decision. Just in case you were wondering. As for things I want or need... Umm basically I've already told you stuffs I want. Mom, basically they have everything here that they have in America so just send me whatever recipes. Chicken and Pork is readily available and beef is sometimes but it's kinda expensive. Other than that they have most everything. Including Potatoes! Yum! And they're not even pathetically small! Ha. So yeah recipes, pictures, and I'm not sure quite what else. Whatever you feel like sending I guess. Things are going well though. My language is getting better, though not by any means great, and I'm loving life here. I'm excited cause today we're going to play basketball, which I haven't done for a while. You all sound pretty busy doing stuff though. When are they reorganizing the stake presidency? Bishopric? They've been in there a while haven't they? Well it is most definitely not winter here! Not even close. Although people do have Christmas lights up and listen to Christmas music all the time. Filipino Christmas music is interesting. I actually like the most famous christmas album. I don't know the names of the people so I guess you can't look it up, but I have the whole album memorized because our neighbor listens to it every morning while I'm eating breakfast haha. It's going to be interesting having Christmas here. I don't think it's really even gonna feel like Christmas, but thats ok. The time is going by fast though, I just realized that I have been out 4 months now. and after Christmas nearly 6. Grabe! Time flies when you're working hard! I'm excited this week because the parents of the Villanueva family are getting baptized this week! Finally the whole family will be members! OK well I guess thats about it for me this week. Love you all! Love, Elder Andersen

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