Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Family. Long week this week. I have never walked so long or far in my life. Or at least on my mission. But I really enjoy it cause it's like hiking. The only downside is you're in your church clothes. Too bad we don't have bikes or it'd be like mountain biking! Well i have no more worries about that science foundations class cause I switched it to an online one. Now I don't even have to go to class. Sweet. Well some good things have happened this week. Our attendance went up from last week, but of course still not as much as I want it to be. You can never be fully satisfied in this work because if you do you become stagnant. Anyway, so we had a leadership training this last week. It was really good, and for a lot of the elders there, their last time to see President Tobias, cause they are going home on July 1st. But I will see him again this week cause we have another meeting to go to. Also he said he and Sister Tobias are going to meet us in Manila and go to the temple and stuff and maybe even take us out to eat! What a swell guy. I really like him, and he has done miracles in this mission. When I first got here, the Bacolod mission was not a very high performing mission, and other missions would kind of make fun of it, but now, out of the 17 missions in the Philippines, we are a steady 1st and 2nd in all the numbers, overall making us probably the best performing mission in the Philippines. It's really amazing. Well I'm really just trying to give my all these past 3 weeks. I get real sad sometimes thinking about leaving here and not seeing these people, and having to go back and face reality. I could be happy staying here for the rest of my life. But life must go on, and so it does. I think it would be really cool to get some kind of job where I can come back here and master Tagalog and Cebuano. Then I could get around anywhere in this country. Well I only have a few weeks to go. I have a lot of mixed feelings. I'm not too excited about my 4 hour layover in Seattle, but that's life. I tried to send you a picture, but this ancient computer wouldn't let me. But it was a picture of a magnum bar and the stick. I discovered they now have those in the Philippines! Who would have thought? Ok well I gotta go. I love you all tons. Love Elder Andersen

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