Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Fam. This week has been all right. There's a Baguio right now, sow it's been pretty rainy all week. But today the sun is out and it's as hot as always. The work this week has gone ok. We've been going out to some really far places this week to try and find some of the members on our CMIS list. We've done LOTS of walking. I'd say on average 7-10 miles a day. It actually feels like hiking for the most part since we're up in the mountains/jungle. I'm not really sure how some of these people were found and taught by missionaries/went to church long enough to be baptized. We have had some success with it though. This one old man that lives way out in the boonies came to church yesterday for the first time in probably like 10 years. Maybe longer. Attendance was low yesterday cause of the rain. Filipinos are scared of rain, and don't leave their houses if it's raining. One of those culture things that needs to change. We've just continued to do a lot of work with our less actives. Things are going well. I can't believe I only have 1 month left. It just doesn't seem real to me. Well still no requests of what you people want, so I'll probably bring you all some back scratchers. Well my classes don't seem like they're going to be too hard.. I'm only worried about the science foundations one. And a little bit about the first aid one. But mostly the science foundations one. I have not heard good things about the teacher. Things like, "Key in on this! DO NOT take this class from Bro wall. He does not prepare you for the tests at all, he talks about things that don't even pertain to science, and he teaches solely from power points which is not helpful. Avoid him at all costs." "Bro. Wall is a nice guy but his teaching is not very helpful! I feel like he doesn't know the material himself and the questions on the test don't have anything to do with what he teaches or what is in the book. I would not recommend him for science foundations." "He's one of those power point teachers. He's a nice guy and means well, but he just reads off the power point and doesn't explain things. I found his teaching method frustrating." So I don't know how I feel about that one. I might be able to survive it haha. Also where am I going to get a guitar? It's funny, I was just thinking last week, "If Mom still has those dining room chairs that squeak and creak every time you move when I get back, I'm going to kill myself." Haha cause my chair at my study desk is the exact same way and it drives me CRAZY! I cannot concentrate at all. Also if we still have the same internet I might kill myself as well. So hopefully Larj gets those things all fixed up. Well President Tobias goes home in a couple weeks, so we're gonna be having all these trainings and conferences and things. Busy last month! Also, I still didn't get your package... So it might be in neverland by now. Was there anything valuable in it? But my companion told me his package took 4 months to get to him once. The only problem is I don't have 4 months left. Oh well. Ok well thanks for getting all my stuff ready for school and everything else. It's kinda fun trusting your life and decisions into somebody else's hands haha. Ok well I better get going. Love you all! Love Elder Andersen

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