Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey all, well there have been a few things that have happened this week. I now have a new companion, Elder Phelps, who is from Arizona as well. He's also my last companion, and now I'm in my last transfer. Crazy. Well this past week has been really busy with transfers and everything, but it's gone well. On sunday we had stake conference. Elder Ian S. Ardern of the first quorum of the seventy, and second counselor in the Philippines area presidency visited. We had quite a good turnout, even though Manny the pacman Pacquiao was fighting at the exact same time. Elder Ardern spoke about paying tithing. He said there is too much poverty in this country. The Lord has given us a way to escape it and that is through paying our tithing. He was pretty bold with them. I'm just afraid that the people that needed to hear it the most were not able to understand him. But I guess that's what we're for. He also touched a little bit about reading the scriptures. He said, "We're not asking you to study 2 hours a day like the missionaries, or even 1 hour. Even 15 minutes a day is 15 times better than no minutes." So that was really good. That's the first time I've ever had a 70 come to stake conference on my mission. President and Sister Tobias also came. It was their last stake conference. They're going home July 1st. So I'll get a new mission president for a little over two weeks. The work has been going ok. Not as well as I would like, but I can't force people to make good decisions. Well I hope everything has been going well for you all. Dad's trip sounded really neat. I wonder if I'll ever get to come back here. I'd really like to. So I guess that's everything for me. Last call for souveniers! Tell me what you want people, or you're not getting anything! OK well love you all. I attached a couple pictures. One is my zone with Elder Ardern, and the other is just a view of what I see everyday. Love, Elder Andersen

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