Monday, August 16, 2010

Kumusta pamilya! Well sounds like everyone has had a crazy week. Good thing Lara's wrist isn't broken. Is school really starting next week? Wow time flies. So to answer your questions my companion is Elder Jared Heywood from Gilbert Arizona and he's really cool. We're basically the same only he's a couple inches shorter than me but is built bigger, he played volleyball and football in highschool. We get along really well. We both have 6 kids but his family is the exact opposite of our - 2 girls and 4 boys. Oh yeah and we both got called to be zone leaders yesterday so we'll be the zone leaders till we leave. Basically we just have to babysit all the other missionaries and keep them in line, go to a bunch of meetings, and welcome in new missionaries and stuff. But it'll be good for us, I think it'll help us focus more and become better because everyone looks to us for an example, and if the zone leaders do it, they can do it, so we have to follow the rules pretty strictly haha. Only speaking Tagalog is hard, but it helps us learn a lot better, and we can understand more than we can speak. That is if they don't speak too fast, some of the teachers here are rocket mouths. Yeah I'll try to send some pictures of my district and stuff. We haven't had any apostles or anything come, I think the highest up person we've had come was elder Gene R. Cook and that was a while ago. Last nights devotional was pretty cool though. Stephen Jones, Thomas Durham, and Newell Dayley all came and talked about the hymns they wrote for the hymnbook and the power of music (When Faith Endures, With Humble Heart, and Lord, I Would Follow Thee) It was really funny when Newell Dayley got up to speak, because Miles Burgener gave the opening prayer and when brother Dayley got up he had him come up and was like would Elder Burgener come up? My home teaching companion is Elder Burgeners father, Kelly Burgener. Apparently he and sister Dayley are doing a service mission at BYU-I. Rachel, Thanks for your email, I don't have time today to really reply to it, but good luck this week and with school and everything, Andrea, Thanks for your letter, it always is nice to get letters! Well my email time is spent, but I love you all and thanks for your support and everything. The church is true. Mahal Kita! Until next week, Love Elder Andersen

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