Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey everyone! Yeah time does go by really fast for me. the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. I know that sounds dumb and cliche but it's true. Well it sounds like you all have just had a blast this past week! Sounds pretty busy though. I'm glad you all had a good time. And I'm glad the tent trailer didn't kill you, you better sell it and get something cool like a motorcyle for me to ride when I get back or something. Or get dad a Dodge 1500. That is neat that President Christensen remembered me. Well basically I've just been doing the exact same things I told you about, class, study, gym, teaching etc.. I can tell you more about it in a letter or something, I only get a half hour for emailing... We're getting 2 new districts in our zone wedensday, so 18 new elders and 6 new sisters, our zone is going to be huge! We'll have 5 districts. And I think some of the ones coming are going to Bacolod as well, they must be doin work there cause there are a ton of us going to Bacolod. My district is really fun and we all get along really well with each other and stuff. I think you have to have a good time here or you will go crazy. It's weird to think that if I was going to an English speaking mission I would be leaving today.. But I'm here for 6 more weeks. I think it'll go by really fast though, it already is. Yesterday was fast sunday and it was a killer cause they feed you so much and so often here, even when you're not hungry you feel like you have to be eating. I haven't gained any weight though so that's good. Today we went to the temple again and that was nice. Oh and Mom, I did get your package, thank you! The cookies were great and not smashed. Sorry for not giving you too much information, if I have time I'll try to get a letter home this week. Mahal po kayo
Elder Andersen

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