Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Family! Don't even trip! (thats what sister Vaipulu the new zealand tongan sister in my district always says, she's hilarious!) I just put a letter with pictures in the mailbox, so you should be getting that Wednesday or so. Well sounds like everything has been going pretty well with everyone except Aunt K and Uncle Dick. I will pray for them. I think there is a fire around here somewhere too cause it has been super hazy today. But we have gotten a few storms here, but nothing really serious like you were talking about. I'm excited for dad too, that will be awesome. Ha don't be offended mom, but I don't really care that lydia hill got engaged... and I don't even know who trevor weeks is. Rachel is getting married huh? Not following in the footsteps of her brothers? Haha. Well good for her. Umm i think i might want like a microfiber towel thing before I leave here. I feel like I'm going to have to throw out a lot of stuff. Being a zone leader is good, I gave you details to all your questions in my letter so you'll just have to read that. Nope not dreaming in Tagalog yet, I would go crazy if I did. We went to the temple again today, it's really nice to be able to do that every week, I'm going to miss it when I leave in only 3 more weeks! After our session, Elder Heywood and I noticed they needed some help in the laundry room so we went in there and folded socks with these 2 down syndrome sisters for like an hour, it was so fun, and they were hilarious! My former zone leader before elder Heywood and I, Elder Crowley, is supposed to be leaving today, but he can't cause he's getting a colonoscopy tomorrow cause he's been having some... Issues, so elder heywood and I get to go with him to the hospital to the real world tomorrow cause he's assigned to us until he can leave. We're excited to get out and see the real world but I feel really bad for him and his district is leaving today and everything. Hopefully everything works out for him so he only has to stay like an extra week or so. There is a Tongan elder that got hurt playing volleyball that has been here for 5 months and is finally leaving this week. Well, thats all for me, Mahal po Kayo! Love, Elder Andersen

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