Monday, August 29, 2011

Well sounds like you all have been getting some pretty intense weather! Sounds like here! The weather here this past week has been either really rainy/windy/stormy or just super hot. Today it's just super hot. Tomorrow it'll probably be pouring rain. Who knows. Well this week has been really good! To start off with I guess, Mom, your prediction about me going to the Philippines and eating dog was correct. I ate dog this week! And I have to admit it was pretty delicious! His name was Mateo. Anyway, we also had a successful baptism and confirmation this week! Brother Romeo Alvez. He's been coming to church for over a year now, and all the rest of his family are members, but he couldn't kick his cigarettes. Well, he finally did, and so he was able to be baptized. He was really happy to finally be a member along with the rest of their family. It was their dog that we ate, I guess in celebration for his baptism or something. Our other investigators are doing well. Especially the Reqiron family. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met I think. They are very simple people, but they are so willing to accept the gospel. They never have a problem with anything that we teach them, and they keep their commitments that we give them. It's always so much better to teach people that are truly prepared, instead of just trying to get people to listen to you. Our main focus right now is working with part member families, and unordained male members etc. That is the revelation President Tobias has given us. Rather than spending time tracting (basically wasting time) Look for the part member families on the CMIS and in the process we can find lots of people to talk to and therefore have many more investigators. It also helps the units organize their records much better. But that's not the whole reason for it. It's mostly so we can talk to all these people and get new investigators without having to go "tracting" So we have quite a few part member families we are teaching. Also a few of the members have really been helping us out with the work,and giving us referrals and other things. It's amazing how much of a difference they make! So I'm attatching a few pictures for you all. These are all of the baptism of brother alvez. So we have the Alvez family first, then Brother Alvez with Elder Groves and I, and then we have a big group picture of all of us at the baptism. I'll send some more of mateo. and also this week we saw some guy chopping up a karabaw that had died, so I took a picture of that as well. One cool thing we do here is we take showers from the rain pouring off the roof of the house. It's almost like a real shower! All right, well I guess that is all for me this week. Thanks for all your love, and everything else. Love, Elder Andersen 

 These are just a couple of me showering in the rain, and then one with the Elders quorum president and his family. All right guess thats it. Love ya!

  Well the first two are the ones of the karabaw getting cut up. CAUTION: NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACHED. The next one is Mateo, the dog. Or I guess what was left of Mateo. The last one is one of Mateo before he got eaten!

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