Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey family. Mom, come on, you know I don't speak Spanish! I'll forgive you though. So yes! I did transfer! My new area is called Caduha-an. It's pretty much just a small place with nothing more than a small market a few churches, and then people that live there for some reason. Mostly for the sugar cane farming I think. Either that, or they just commute to bigger places to work. Anyway, it's a cool place I really like it. Kabankalan was a hard place for me to leave, I really came to love the people there. Transferring is always bitter sweet. Especially because you don't know if you will ever see those people again. But that is part of the mission experience. So yeah, my new companion is Elder Groves. He's from Petaluma, California. By the bay area. I like him and we get along well so that's good. We live in a house of 4 again. We actually live in a place called Manapla. It's pretty close to our area, we just ride a bus out there everyday. The work is going well. We are going to have a baptism next saturday! Also we got a referral this week, who are really good. We were teaching them and we gave them an invitation to be baptized, they accepted, then the father asked when they could be baptized! Pretty neat! I think there are six of them in the family, but only 3 of them are old enough to be baptized. So if everything goes according to plan they will be baptized on September 17th! We have some other investigators that are doing well too. Rain. Well pretty much every month out of the year is rainy season except may and june. Or April and May. I forget. But yeah, it rains a lot. And we work even if it rains. Sometimes we are wet for most the day. But other times we just wait in people's houses until it dies down a little bit, and then make a break for it. Yeah, there are less bugs when it rains. They have a hard time flying when that happens. My feet are fine. No, I don't have foot fungus. My shoes are ok. I just need to get some insoles for them and they'll be great. The little cushion pad thing is wearing out. But other than that, they are just fine. Uhh I can't just really answer your other questions. I don't really like sharing all my spiritual experiences with the world, ya know? Those are kinda just for me.. I do know corrine mosely. Not well, but I went to high school with her. So, I'm the only one out from the ward now huh? Coolio. Yeah, missions really do change people. There are a lot of things I didn't understand before I went on a mission, but now I realize a lot.. I'm not sure I'm gonna recognize anyone in the ward when I get back. Good thing I won't be going there long! All right, well I gotta go. I think I've answered the majority of your questions for the week. Thanks for all your love and support! Love, Elder Andersen

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