Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey family! Well this week has been all righty. I'm really enjoying the work here in Kabankalan and wouldn't mind staying another 6 weeks. Things are going well here and I'm excited about it. We've got some good investigators that are progressing towards baptism, and a lot of new ones that hopefully will get to that point as well. We're really trying to get the ward excited about doing missionary work/ retention and getting them to work with us etc.. I can't think of any awesome experiences cause I have them everyday and they all just kinda get mashed together! But I love this place, and I love the work. Yesterday we had a zone activity. We pretty much just played basketball for like 5 hours. I got fried! My upper arms and shoulders did really bad cause my white shirts come down to my elbow almost, so everything above that got burned crispy. It hurts a little bit but I'll pull through. I feel like my emails get shorter and shorter every week... Is there anything you guys wanna know about the mission or the Philippines or anything? All right well thanks for all the support, prayers, and everything else you do! Love you! Elder Andersen

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