Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey family. I'm writing you this week from my new area- Kabankalan! I had to travel about 5 hours to get here cause it's pretty far down south, and I was as north as you could get in my last area. It's a pretty good sized city, so it's quite an adjustment coming from tiny little Himoga-an! But I really like it so far. My new companion is Elder Jensen from Bremerton Washington. I'm follow up training him. I like him a lot and we get along well and work well together. I think I've been assigned here to clean up a mess that the elder before me left.. He was here for 6 months, and there's been hardly any progress here for at least 6 months because of that. So we're doing our best to get the work going here! It's just weird to go from a tiny little branch that doesn't even have a chapel to meet in, to a big ward with about 500 members. The problem is only about 120 or so are active... thats one of the biggest problems here in the Philippines. People were baptized back in the day before they had higher standards and things and just became inactive right after they were baptized. Needless to say we do a lot of reactivation work here. Everyday I think of what serving a mission used to be like before they came out with Preach My Gospel and all these things. It's truly an inspired program. I know this email is short, but I've only been here since Wednesday so not a whole lot has happened. But thank you all for all your support and prayers and emails and everything, I really appreciate it and love you all! Elder Andersen

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