Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey peeps. This week has been good, but really busy. We only got to work about 3 whole days this week due to training meetings and other things. We had our Jubilee Celebration here this week. It was really cool. Basically just the same sort of thing they had in Manila, cultural presentation and stuff. It was fun, we got to go all the way to Victorias riding this bus with our whole branch. We actually rode on top of the bus so we could get some "aircon" haha. I would actually much rather ride on top of a bus than inside it where my legs don't fit in the seats and it's about 200 degrees! But good news, the Abria family had successful baptismal interviews, and are going to be baptized this coming saturday! I'm pretty excited for it! I really don't have much to say about the work,since we didn't get to do much of that this week. But our trainings were good, we learned a lot on how to improve and things. Yes, it really is beautiful here. And yes, that is a fruit bat. It's not alive, but it was about 2 minutes before I took that picture! These guys were just killing em outside of our house with a pellet gun, so I asked what they do with them, and they said they eat them. They said they're really good cause all they eat is fruit, so I dunno. If I get to eat one sometime I'll let you know. Oh it has a hole in its wing cause they stabbed a stick through it to carry it. Ok, well Mom, I hope you enjoy your travels and have a safe trip! Tell pops hello for me, and sorry I didn't get to talk to him on the telephone. So things are going well here. Love you all. Love, Elder Andersen

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