Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well hey family, don't worry about me, I'm still alive and kicking! Sounds like you guys had a busy week! I did as well, but then again thats just become normal for me. So the news is I'm staying in Himoga-an for at least another transfer with Elder Malit, so that'll be good. Some bad news though, our branch president has been in the hospital this week. He has a stone in his gallbladder and needs surgery, but the problem is they don't have money to get the surgery. He looks bad, like he aged 20 years. so we're just praying for him. He has an appointment today in Bacolod to see whats up and if there are any other options than surgery. But things will work out I'm sure of it. Our investigators are doing well. We have this one family that is basically amazing. I don't know if it's allowed to have favorites, but if it is, they are my favorites. The mom of the family is the daughter of the branch president. She got married before their family was taught by the missionaries, so she wasn't baptized. But now we are teaching her and her husband and their son, and like I said they are just so cool. And so prepared to receive the gospel. They went to all sessions of conference even though they couldn't understand a word. So I'm really excited for them to be baptized and everything. This place is starting to feel like home to me now. Well hope you all had fun at the wedding and what not. Thank you all for everything! Love you! Love, Elder Andersen

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