Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey everyone, it's Elder Andersen again! (in the Philippines) This week was really good, but really busy. Last Monday we went to this old like mansion/plantation house for p-day. It was really really cool. It used to be 7 stories, but now it's only 4 cause some of it fell down. But yeah, basically its been around since the 1800's and was owned by this rich family who had all these sugar cane fields. Pretty much it's exactly like an old plantation house you would find in the south. Only its in the Philippines. Anyway, so we were able to just walk through it and look at all the old stuff they have in there. It's not a museum or anything, but they are trying to kind of make it in to one and preserve it. If they sold all the stuff they have in there they would probably make a lot of money, cause they have a huge library of all these old books, and magazines. I think they had the complete set of Newsweek magazines from 1960-1961. So yeah I was able to see a lot of neat things. Later in the week we had zone conference in Escalante. Those are always good because we receive new training and everything we need to become better. Then we had general conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was really good. I love hearing from the prophet and apostles and getting a refresher of what I need to do to improve. I was able to see the little segment on the church world news thing about the dedication of the new building on campus. So I got to see Rexburg, and even some people I knew! But we missed the Saturday afternoon session, so I wasn't able to see the combined choir from BYU-I. Oh well. And that was basically the week, cause we were hardly in our area this week with all the meetings we had and stuff, so we were only able to teach our investigators once this week. Kind of a bummer, but it's all right. Later today we find out who is transferring. Yes, it's been another 6 weeks! I don't want to transfer cause I want to see the people I've been working with for 3 months, baptized! But I feel like Elder Malit and I will both stay another transfer together here in Himoga-an. Well hopefully next week I can send some more pictures and stuff. Maybe some of that old house, and some of my area. OK well I love you all. Good luck with all the wedding stuff. Love, Elder Andersen

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