Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey family. It's me again. That one kid in the Philippines. So, this week has been good. It's been super hot lately, cause it's hot season now. Hot season goes from about April, till June. And basically it's just really hot all day every day, and no rain. The other season is rainy season, where it's still hot, but it rains every day. So yeah. Been sweating a lot. I think I drink like 4 liters of water a day. So this week was holy week. Yipee! And 90% of the population of our area is Catholic, so that pretty much didn't help the work very much.. The people here in Negros Occidental don't do anything too crazy for holy week, but in other parts of the Philippines they have these giant processions where guys whip themselves with these whips that have razor blades and stuff on the ends of them, and the crucify some people, and do all sorts of crazy things. Here they just had a giant procession of all the Catholics walking and doing their little memorized prayer chants and following these big statues of like Mama Mary, and dead Jesus' and stuff. Kinda weird, but whatever. I don't really have too much to say this week cause we didn't really get to work that much, plus most of our investigators weren't there. Oh, it was Elder Malit's birthday on the 20th. That was fun. We just went to our branch presidents house and we had all this food and just had a little party with the members. Our branch president is still sick, but he's getting surgery tomorrow I think. Somehow they got government funding or something to pay for most his surgery, so they'll be all right. Sounds like everything is going well for you all. Oh yeah, what do you want me to do for calling home on Mother's Day? Thats coming up pretty soon. But I don't know Mom if you're even gonna be in America on Mother's Day.. Also, what gender of baby is Paul having, no one seems to tell me details like that. What is Rachel's last name? Why are Andrea and Barrett living at the house for a year? Where are Miriam and Damon going when their time is up with the Air Force? What grade is Lara Jane in? And how old is she? Are you guys ever gonna email those pictures I asked for like... 6 months ago? Dad already left for Europe? Wow. it feels like I haven't been to America in like 7 months or something. Well thanks for all you do. Love you all! Love Elder Andersen

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