Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey Family. This week has been pretty great. Done a lot of work,
taught a lot of people, and everything is just going well! It's been
really rainy this week. the road on the way here to the internet place
was flooded up to my ankles. I don't know if it has anything to do
with that Tsunami or anything though. Yeah, we didn't really get
affected by it at all. And I don't think we ever would here in Negros
Occidental, cause It's kinda protected on all sides, so nothing too
bad happens here. So this week has been good. On Friday we went to the
middle of nowhere to these members "farm" to do a service project. It
was really cool. To get there we had to cross this HUGE river in this
tiny little boat that could only take 2 people at a time and the waves
on the river were huge also haha it was quite a trip! The boat guy was
insane and was just always swearing and yelling and stuff, but we made
it just fine. Anyway, so then we did our service project, which
involved chopping wood- Filipino style, which is with a machete. It's
a lot harder than it looks! Then we got all these coconuts and cut em
open and made this drink, it's delicious! You know how I hated coconut
in America? Well real coconut is reeeeeally good. So yeah that was
really fun. We didn't have any baptims this week but it's ok. We have
a couple investigators with a baptismal date and we're really looking
forward to that. Oh yeah Rachel is getting married huh? Well, big
gulps huh... See you later! Love Elder Andersen

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