Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey family! This week has been pretty good. I guess the big news is our branch got reorganized on sunday! So thats exciting for us/challenging, cause we really have to help the new branch president know what he is supposed to do.. But it's all good. I really hope the former branch president becomes the branch mission leader, cause we don't have one of those, and he is really awesome. For the first time in this branch's history, the stake president visited! (they've been a branch since 2007) Yeah the stake pres. was not such a great guy, and was doing some very not good things, but then the Philippines general presidency came and told him what was up, so he's with the program now. Uh our investigators are good, and progressing, I don't really have much time to write a long email today sorry! I guess I'm just really not that good at writing period. I do hope to write you a hand written letter sometime! And maybe send you pictures of where I am! So yes, things are good. I'm excited for general conference, except we watch it a week after you guys do, and then on May 1st we have stake conference, and it's a satellite broadcast from Salt Lake, so that should be really good too. If i'm still here. But I feel like I'll be here for another transfer. OK well I guess thats all from me this week. Wow BYU made it into the sweet 16? It's a miracle! Ha well maybe they can be Florida. They did last year. Oh mom! That slimy part is the good part of the coconut! Thats the best part! It's sooooo good I love it. What other part of the coconut is there to eat? Oh and dad I was watching this profile of this guy on, Helmut Wondra, he's a concert manager in Vienna, and does a lot of cool things there. You should watch it and then try to contact him, I bet he could get you into some really cool stuff for the Europe tour! Ok well I guess thats it for me. Love you all! THanks for all your support! Love, your son, brother, uncle, whatever else, and missionary Elder Andersen

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