Monday, December 13, 2010

So hello fam! Things are just great. This week has been... Rainy! All day everyday! I think there's a typhoon down yonder in Mindanao somewhere, so we're getting a bunch of rain from it. Hopefully the sun'll come out this week, cause my clothes don't dry very well in the rain! haha. Also it makes it a little harder to try and find people cause no one is out and about. So like I said things have been going well. La Castellana has been super busy lately cause they have a big Christmas and New Years parade and fiesta here that lasts a whole week that they are preparing for. So that'll be fun to see. We had a baptism Saturday, sister Kaye. She's 16 and the niece of the Villanueva family. Her older sister will be getting baptized next month too. We love baptizing women, but we really need men! haha. So we're trying to work ont that, and just really try to help the people here. Reactivating families and what not. You know, missionary work :) I can't really think of anything else super cool that happened this week that I should write about... Well hey I suppose I otta say Happy Birthday to Tatay! So, Happy Birthday Dad! Mm I don't know what else to write about! I'm learning new things everyday, and just trying to make myself a better missonary! So really thats what I've been doin this week, A lot of walking, talking, preaching and speaking! And eating and reading and pleading! Also I think I'm getting fat cause 2 pairs of my pants do not fit so well... But the other 2 fit perfectly fine, so maybe they just shrunk? Not sure. We watched the First Presidency Christmas devotional last night. It was really good. President Uchtdorf looks older now. I guess thats what happens when you are one of the main leaders of the Church! Anyway, it was really good. I got a little feeling of the Christmas's I am used to. Ok well I guess that is all for me this week. So to all, have a great week! Love Elder Andersen

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