Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey there Family. Wow, I can't believe this is my last week. Lots of mixed emotions, and a lot of thoughts on my mind. Things have been good this past week. This last transfer for me has been a bit difficult and I've had to work really hard, but now we are starting to see the fruits of our labors. Next transfer they should have about 6 baptisms. On Saturday we had one, Mike. He is 9 years old, and the son of the 1st counselor, they just forgot to have him baptized or something? Haha yeah, that's how the church is here sometimes. But it was good. He and his little sister were baptized together so it was neat. I really don't know too much of what to say, especially since we'll be seeing each other so soon. I probably won't email next week, but we'll see. I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have had to come and serve here. I know this is the place I was supposed to be. I've definitely changed a lot, (hopefully all for the better!) but I'm still my goofy self. Maybe even a little goofier, since I can't speak English correctly anymore. I just want to thank you all for the support and love you have given me since I've been here in the mission. I love you all and will see you all soon. Love, Elder Andersen

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