Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey Family, this week has been all right. Good things are starting to happen here in Magsungay. Elder Mariner and I are doing great and it's a lot of fun. President Monson's daughter, and sister Wixom of the Primary general presidency, along with Elder Jon U. Michael Teh of the seventy came and did a fireside in Bacolod, but we weren't allowed to attend. Bummer. Oh well. The work this week was fine. We're just really pushing the rescue. The are presidency said they don't care if we get any baptisms as long as we are bringing people back to church. I think it's awesome. It's a lot harder working with them though cause they hearts are harder, but I can feel and see how much the Lord wants those of his children to come back. It's been a little frustrating the past couple of weeks cause people keep promising us they will come to church and then they don't. Way lame. But it's all right, we are just going to keep on working with them and help resolve their concerns. A lot of them are shy because they have been inactive for so long, it's hard for them to come back. Especially if they have returned to word of wisdom problems and other things. A lot really depends on us to let them see we really care about them, and we love them no matter what their problems are. Despise the sin not the sinner. We found a couple new investigators this week. The mom's name is Vicky. We met her cause we bought some stuff from her store. She has a little store and then a carinderia ( "The Carinderia is a local eatery selling and serving and viands with wooden benches. It's also known as a "turo-turo" wherein customers literally point what they want to eat from an array of cauldrons.The carinderia was considered as a respite of travelers having originated as a quick food service in busy crossroads. Today, carinderias have evolved according to the needs to Filipinos there are now variations including the travelling carinderia and the high-class carinderia.") She is way nice. She has a little brother that is a member in Manila, so she said she was interested in listening to us. We taught her a quick lesson and it was pretty good. We have another appointment with her tomorrow, with free food :) Can't beat that! All right well hope things are all going well with you. All is well in Zion? Joke. Ok well love you ALL. Go hard. Love Elder Andersen

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