Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello everyone. Well sounds like I'm not even going to recognize the house when I get home! But I don't remember reading anything about you doing anything to the basement, so I'll still have my lair hahaha. Andrea's pregnant? Since when? Dogs can be overweight? Lot's of new things are happening with you all. As for me, nothing really new happened. Still just working hard on the rescue and really trying to get people to come back to church and everything. We had stake conference yesterday, it was pretty good. The stake center was stuffed to the max, which I didn't know could happen with Filipinos! So that's a good thing though, but there were a lot of people that weren't there so I wonder what's going to happen when they all become active again! I encountered something new this week. Last night we were at this members house visiting them and some guy walked by the house and the member called him in and was like Elders this guy loves to read the Book of Mormon, but he's not a member. So the guy came in and sat down and we talked to him. He has read the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and whatever else, and of course the Bible. He goes to the public plaza and preaches to people and debates with pastors and stuff using the Book of Mormon! He said sometimes people ask him to baptize them and he says, "I can't, I don't have the authority. You have to go to the Mormons, that's the true church." Also he had such an amazing understanding of the scriptures and like prophecies and the great apostasy and everything. He was going off about how there is only one true church and the reformists and then he kept referring to the Jews and Gentiles, it blew me away! This guy has a better understanding of our church than 95% of the Members in it here, and he's not even a member! He said he knows the Book of Mormon is true, the Church is true, Joseph Smith was a true prophet, everything. He even mentioned Joseph Smith was shot because he was running for President, and people didn't want him to etc, and so he was persecuted and eventually murdered. I can count on my two hands the number of members I've met on my mission that know that. I asked him why he wasn't a member, and why he is denying himself essentially candidacy for the Celestial Kingdom. He replied he's still a little tough but he's working on it. Cause he was already baptized into his former religion that has now fallen apart, but he said he's just not ready yet. Way crazy. So we're gonna try and really help him out. He's never been to church before so we just want him to try that first. But yeah, that's my cool experience for the week. Things are going well with the work. It's still just as hot as ever. Mom, whats your recipe for chocolate pudding, I lost it? OK thanks for everything, love you all! Love, Elder Andersen

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