Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello Family! I guess I'll be saying hello to you in a few days huh? Yeah I'm not sure when I'll call you, but don't worry I'll figure something out. It'll either be saturday sunday, or monday (for me) so I guess just answer the phone if it's a weird number or in the middle of the night! I'll try to call at a convenient time though. Well I'm doing just fine! There have been baguios rollin through, but mostly just dumping lots of rain. It does flood here as well, but not nearly as bad as it does in Luzon. We're pretty safe here on Negros. It's probably the safest island in the Philippines, as far as storms and things go. But thanks for your concern! This week has been good, just been working hard and doin work. Well tomorrow we have transfers. We haven't gotten transfer announcements just yet, but it's pretty positive that my companion, Elder Groves, is transferring, and that I will stay, and be here in Caduha-an for 6 months. So that'll be good. It's always good to get someone fresh in with you so that they are really excited to do the work somewhere you've been working for the past 5 months. So I guess when I call for Christmas I'll tell you all about that. Things have been going well with the work. The members are seeming to catch an idea of what they are supposed to be doing. On sunday the stake president came and gave a training for them and pretty much just told them if they are ever going to become a ward they have got to work for it, and do more than they are doing. We're working with a lot of the branch auxiliary leaders to help them understand what they are supposed to do in their calling. Slowly, but surely. The work we're doing now is a little different since we're focusing so much now on members, but it's good too. Sometimes it's way frustrating when you're working with people that have been members for like 15 years and won't come back to church. Cause if they were investigators it would be obvious that they aren't prepared, and just drop them, but these people are members. They have made covenants, and are not keeping them! And they don't even care! That's why our work is so important because we know what is going to happen to them if they don't come back! So we are doing everything we can to get people to come back. But of course we have investigators as well. We're working with mostly part-member families right now. But President Amarante says he's preparing some people for us that he knows so that'll be good. All righty, well I'd better go, but talk to you soon! Love, Elder Andersen

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