Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello family! Another week has come and gone! Things went pretty well this week. Except I got a little sick and had to go to Bacolod yesterday so I could get a check up from the doctor so I could get the medicine I needed. But it's fine now, so no need to worry! I can't really think of anything to write about, cause this week we've just been doing a lot of visiting to members and teaching them how to share the gospel with their friends because we need more investigators, and everyone knows tracting is really not effective, so we've been really working with the members and trying to help them share the gospel and give us referrals. I did see some cool things this week and was going to send you pictures, but my card reader wont work so I'll just have to wait till next week. But I saw I giant boa constricor (I know you'll love that mom) and the pictures of snail we ate. And just some other pictures. Hmm this week we ate "Poorboy Soup" Which is a soup containing the reproductive parts of animals, usually cows. And I don't mean just the testicles. Yep. It really wasn't bad at all, it was pretty good as long as you didn't keep reminding yourself you were eating a cows penis. Our investigators are doing well, we're teaching a couple of families that are doing well, and it's always awesome to teach families. But one of our major focuses here is reactivation. There are 700 members in the Kabankalan ward, but only 92 came to church on sunday. So our work is cut out for us in that department. It's sad because we know that if they don't come back to the church, it would be better for them that they were never baptized. The problem here is most of them live out in far away places and it's hard for them to come to church, and so over time they just became lost, and some of them have even gone back to the Catholic church and stuff. It's a sad thing to see. Missionary work is some of the happiest work one could ever do, but at times it is also the saddest. But that's the plan and so that's how it's gotta be. Just gotta keep doing our best. Going to Bacolod yesterday was pretty cool. Makes me feel like I'm back in America almost. Eating at Pizza Hut, going to SM, seeing other white people, etc.. I guess that is all for this week. Thank you all for all your love and prayers. Love Elder Andersen

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