Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Fam. It's me again! So I'll be staying here in Caduha-an again with Elder Groves.   almost no one in our zone of 16 missionaries left except for the other missionary in our apartment and one in Cadiz. The new missionary in our apartment is Elder Newman, from Australia. We went bowling, played pool earlier, and had some really expensive dinner (200 pesos or $4.55), it was pretty fun. Also good news: we may have found a house to rent in Caduha-an. The owner is an inactive member who's coming back to Church, and he wants to move his family out closer to his relatives. The main reason is that they have a 7 year-old daughter who basically grew up with her cousins and aunts and uncles out there because her mom worked out of the country. So the girl goes home from school with her cousins, and when her parents come to pick her up she refuses to come home because all her friends are out there. As in, there are week stretches where she never goes home, which is understandably sad for her mom who just wants to spend time with her daughter. So everyone wins: they build a house out there and live with their relatives in the meantime, and we get to live inside our area, which would be a great help to our work.
No general conference for us this week, the Philippines is on a one week delay for conference so we're getting ready for conference this week, inviting everyone we can to come hear the words of the living prophets. So the best news from last week is the baptism of the Requiron family. Well, the baptisms of the two parents, the daughter will be baptized in a few weeks. She was all ready and waiting, we were going to baptize her father first, then her mother, and then her, but the second Elder Groves immersed the dad the poor girl starts screaming: she thought he was gonna drown. The reason being that, even though these people are surrounded by water, not many people except the rich and the fishermen are comfortable around water. So this little girl thought Elder was drowning her dad and she was next. She sprinted into the bathroom and even with the entire attendance trying to calm her down, she wouldn't have it. So we'll have her father do it in a few weeks (general conference and stake conference take up the next couple of weekends), and explain to her that she won't drown. The whole thing was a lesson about teaching to people's needs and adapting the lesson to everyone, not just the parents. (That girl had quite a pair of lungs. Elder Groves was standing in the font still, trying to figure out what to do, and I walked over and leaned on the glass barrier. Elder Groves looked up and asked me, "Can I ask if the Spirit's gone?" "It might be." But He came back when the parents bore their testimonies after they had come back in).So this week also had a weird coincidence, we were working near the branch president's house, and we stopped by a part-member family. The member working with us (son of the branch president, and a returned missionary) and the guy knew each other pretty well and were chatting. He wasks the wife where she's from, and she says "Pandanan." I perked up a bit and asked, "Pandanan near Himoga-an Baybay?" we kept talking, and it turns out that her parents were his next door neighbors in my 2nd area! And not just that, her parents joined the Church a couple of years ago, after she'd moved out. A really weird coincidence, considering these two families are way far away from each other, and live in some really back country, middle-of-nowhere places. But they are listening and hopefully she will be baptized too! Ok well gotta go! Love ya all! Elder Andersen

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