Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Family! It's your favorite elder, Elder Andersen! The MTC is pretty great, and things have been going pretty good. I'm just doing my laundry right now, they have computers we can email on in here. My companion is Elder Heywood from Gilbert, Arizona. He's pretty awesome and goofy like me, and we get along really well together. There are 10 of us in our district, 8 elders, 2 sisters. All but three of us are going to Bacolod. And there are I think 6 elders in the other zone that are going to Bacolod as well. We were talking to them and they said the district before them that just left before we got here had 6 or 8 elders and sisters going to Bacolod too, so apparently they are sending an army there. Everyday we just go to class and either learn language, or how to use Preach my Gospel. Tagalog is coming along ok, the elders that have been here a while always say stuff to us and we can't understand them so we just smile and say "Mabuti!" The days are long but they are starting to go faster. Sometimes when I'm writing in my journal at night I can't remember what I did all day because we are always busy doing something. The food is pretty decent, but it was hard to get used to getting fed so much and so often when you just sit here and don't really do anything. We have gym time everyday, but it's not like you get a good hardcore workout playing sand volleyball or whatever. I can see how people gain weight here. Especially since you can eat as much as you want. How is the family? Rexburg? Everything? I don't have Andrea's email address so I can't send her this for my blog, so if you would send that to me when you write me back I would appreciate it. Could you also send me my running shoes and another T-shirt? Just one of those Nike ones. Yesterday it was really nice because we just got to go up to the temple grounds and relax and stuff for three hours or so. I forgot my camera to take pictures, but I will try to send you some next week.
Elder Andersen

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